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welcome back... another installment of the blog that tries to be irreverent...and succeeds at being irrelevant.

Saturday night was, to put it simply, brutally long. With the exception of two short breaks, I stood ten straight hours of watch in a very enclosed space that night. But the Submersible Death Trap was successfully dry docked, and the push of maintenance continues. I am very much looking forward to having Saturday and Sunday completely off.

Chelsea Handler is very now here at "tfo." At some point Monday night, I saw an ad for her new show, Chelsea Lately, on E!. A quick peek at her site told me that Chelsea is someone I need to get more familiar with, rapidly. This evening, after getting a haircut, I made my way over to Barnes & Noble and bought a copy of her book, My Horizontal Life. I'm only a few pages into it, but I like what I've read so far. And the clips from her old show that I've seen on YouTube - hilarious. Anyone who gives a class on the finer points of the one-night stand is doing a public service for the young adults of America - not to mention making them laugh their asses off. Unfortunately, I can't watch Chelsea Lately, as doing so would cut into what little sleep the Navy permits me to have - that is, unless and until I figure out how to work the DVR portion of the cable box. She's playing the Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach (a mere eleven miles from my "luxury" apartment) on 19 August; alas, I might not be able to attend, as it's likely I'll have duty that day.

Why did I put the word luxury in quotations in the last paragraph? This picture should help to explain why.

More tomorrow...but now, I'll retire to two of my favorite pastimes: sleep and alcohol.

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