Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

another week draws to a close...

...well, it would be drawing to a close, if this was a normal job. But of course, this isn't a normal job, and this is the one weekend in three on which I have Saturday duty.

My roommate's girlfriend has been here for the last two days. Fortunately for both my roommate and myself, she's pretty nice. Her arrival also gave us an impetus to clean up our apartment, which was beginning to remind me of some of the places I'd lived in back in college. Last night, we grilled at Dave's place, and then went back to ours and watched 300. Throughout these events, I proceeded to get completely destroyed. I had a massive hangover this was a very good thing that today was a short day, and I was able to get home early and rest my aching head. The one good thing to come out of today at work was that we had to take a survey, which gave me an opportunity to anonymously slam both the Navy and the Submersible Death Trap. This evening, though Ray had duty, he was able to secure an early release, and he did a wonderful thing - he exposed Emmy to the greatness of Chelsea Lately. Tonight Chelsea announced that E! had picked up fifty more episodes of this fine programming.

Last Friday night, I got a very unexpected instant message from Steve, a friend of mine from high school who has also served in the Seagoing Military Force. He claimed to be fresh from pulling someone out of a burning car near his house in Northport. While I accepted his story at face value at the time, subsequent attempts to confirm that such an incident actually occurred have been unsuccessful. That's not to say that it didn't happen; I'm simply saying that it would seem to me that something like that would at least merit a blurb in a newspaper, but I haven't seen any.

So the Michael Vick quote Ron Burgundy, "that's just dumb." He's getting exactly what he deserves, both for sanctioning the dogs fighting and for being so naïve about the consequences.

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