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Stupidity on Seavey Island

This weekend, we had some problems with one of the systems we use to cool the air on the boat. We rigged some temporary sleeving from one of the fans to my primary watchstation to aid with the nasty heat and humidity. This morning, one of the head honchos came in, saw the green plastic, and demanded that it be removed, because it wasn't authorized to be there. Heaven forbid we put the safety and well-being of personnel - personnel keeping watch on a nuclear reactor, no less - above words on a piece of paper. But that's just how we roll here on the Submersible Death Trap.

It got worse this afternoon, as outside monitoring agencies seem to be clamoring for a critique of a faulted evolution my division performed a couple of weeks back. We thought it was dead and buried, but on Memphis, anything unpleasant is seemingly endowed with a phoenix-like quality. Little purpose is served in gathering everyone in a room to flesh out something everybody knows already - that the Sailors who man the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program are indeed human beings, and they're capable of error just like everybody else. The third episode of Hey, Shipwreck documents exactly what I'm talking about.

There was one piece of very good news on this day: one of the guys in my division won $10,000 in Saturday night's Powerball drawing, by matching four of five regular numbers and the Powerball. Though he cursed the fact that he missed the huge jackpot by one number, he's still happy he won - on what he claims is the first lottery ticket he's ever played.

It's rare that something irks me so much that it compels me to post from work, but such is the case today. Six hundred thirty-one days left...

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