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Stretching myself too thin?

This is the question I ask myself as the Class of 2005 arrives in Ithaca. Today was a most needed day off from work. I used it mostly to do all sorts of recruiting. The majority was with the band, including two visits to the recruiting table in front of Bartels Hall, as well as going around the campus trying to recruit freshmen. I then bought my books, which took over $600 from my bank account (and I'm not done yet). Then I spent a bit of time at the WVBR table. After that I came home and relaxed. I need all the relaxation I can get - back to work tomorrow for nine and a quarter hours of -- well, as near to hell as you can get without being there.

I've been wrestling with a question that plagues me now more than ever, as the semester is about to start. Am I allowing myself to get caught up in too many things? This upcoming semester, I'm going to be taking nineteen credits (yes, 19). Also I will be working in the campus store, and doing my things with the marching band and WVBR. I'm not really sure if this is too much. I think the first thing to go would have to be VBR. At this point, I'm considering taking some kind of a leave from the station, be it a semester or permanent. As much as I love the radio, and have enjoyed hosting "Sports Roundup" this summer, there are more important things.

Like, for example, grades. They sucked a big one last semester. I barely managed to avoid academic probation, a situation I'd really like to avoid repeating this semester. Especially since I know that with a little work (not even that much), I can bring my GPA back to where I think it should be (which is well above what it was last semester).

I love my job, and the fact that I have a job makes my parents very happy. I do want to keep the money flowing. I didn't amass quite as big a stash of money as I did last summer, and much of that was eaten into by today's book spree. I have a huge block of time available on Tuesdays, which I'd like to devote to work. And my bosses love me. They love all the help I've been giving this rush - which will only grow as we get deeper into the madness throughout the weekend and into early next week.

I love the marching and pep bands, perhaps more than any other aspect of my life at Cornell. They are everything to me. I'll never forget the times I spent screaming my lungs out at football and hockey games. Band gives me the opportunity to combine two of my favorite interests - playing the trombone and being a passionate sports fan. My friends in the Big Red Bones are my closest. They're my housemates. They've been responsible for the majority of my memorable moments here - ranging all the way from trips to Lake Placid to the Comeback in Cambridge last fall to puking my guts out last May. (Well, that last one they weren't responsible for - that was mostly me drinking away the effects of the previous Thursday.)

I do love VBR as well. It was through VBR that I got so passionately involved with covering Cornell women's lacrosse - and that's something I'll never forget either. The reminders of that time, the press pass and the wonderful note I got from them a month later, are prominent on my wall. But I don't feel the same kind of connection to the station that I do to the band. It could have something to do with the station moving out near East Hill Plaza. It could also have something to do with a fundamental necessity of the media business. As members of the media, we must maintain objectivity when covering events. Put this next to my role in marching and pep bands, where the objective is to be as partisan as possible. I know my good friend Chris Parkin can't stand her, but Amanda Angel wrote a great column addressing this. As much as I enjoy covering sports, I enjoy rooting for the teams even more. Doing the latter is kind of tough - check that, damn near impossible - when you wear the press pass.

So that is essentially where I stand. I may not have to leave VBR totally, but I think my role there will me somewhat diminished this semester. I'm not sure if the top brass there will like this when they hear it, but such is life, eh?

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