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I assure you, I'm not a dumbass...

...but I do play one from time to time.

On the heels of Josh's big Powerball score over the weekend (see last night's entry), there was much talk on all things money yesterday on the Submersible Death Trap. I myself was browsing the web site of my financial institution, Navy Federal Credit Union, and I read some literature on their money market savings account. Looking at their table of rates, I discovered that I could nearly triple the interest I earn on my savings by moving those ten thousand American dollars into an MMSA. Faced with this development, I did the only sane thing - I opened the MMSA, dropped in the ten grand, and then proceeded to figuratively beat myself about the head and shoulders for not having done so earlier. Since this is money that I'm not planning to use in the near future, the limitations on withdrawals from this account aren't a drawback for me. Ideally, I won't be touching this money again until near the end of my time in the Seagoing Military Force, in anticipation of commencing the PNR. Speaking of the PNR, I have made some maps detailing the route; they're on the web in this Photobucket folder. These images have been shamelessly adapted from Google Maps, the capabilities of which are a boon to any traveler.

As a result of swapping duty with Evan, I now have, for the first time in two months, three consecutive evenings free of the SDT. This afternoon, I watched The Colbert Report, and I'm resolving to finally fully dive into it. It was a particularly good idea to DVR the Report last night, as Chelsea Lately was a rerun. After that viewing, I went for a run and have chilled since.

A random click on my MySpace page sent me to a video about an iPhone user who received a three hundred page bill, itemizing every call and text message sent or received. A quick chain of links led me to the blog of the video's author, Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine. There aren't many people who satisfy the condition (hot chick AND technogeek AND lefty), but Justine's in that category. She even has a lifecast; if you don't know (or can't figure out) what that is, it's basically taking the webcam concept and kicking it up a notch. I'm literally watching her get lost in the vicinity of Carnegie Mellon University. If I did one of those things, I'd certainly be court-martialed, due to the (unnecessarily) classified nature of much of my work. However, despite Justine's love for all things Apple, I'm solidly with Maddox on the iPhone.

In sports geekdom news, I've added Z-Ratings for Major League Soccer. Thanks to OurSports Central, this took surprisingly little time.

tfo on tfo...Sunday night's post contained four links related to Barely Political. Very soon after, I noticed in my inbox an email with a subject of "THANKS MATT!" Less than an hour (forty-six minutes to be exact) after the post went up, somebody from BP noticed it and returned the love. Not bad.

All right, I'm out, as I've got bigger and better things to be doing - crap! I'm not fooling anybody with that statement.

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