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Here it comes!

From the Beechstone Apartments in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the Internet's most exciting page for craptastic information, the fabulous twelve fluid ounces!

Yeah, we're on a bit of a Price Is Right kick at work.

Last night I had an unfortunate incident. I decided to get wrecked, and using the Bone Mug to double-fist, everything was proceeding according to my plan. Just after I poured beers nine and ten, the collective effect of beers one through eight hit me like a speeding train. Fortunately, I still had one working brain cell, and that cell correctly deduced that if I consumed the contents of the Mug, the outcome would be most unfavorable. So I poured nearly two full beers down the sink. I've only got two in the fridge tonight; I have no designs on repeating last night's events.

I also bought the first season of Friday Night Lights yesterday, and let me tell you, this is some good television - and I say that having only watched one episode. The second episode presented problems for my roommate's XBox 360; but there were no scratches on the disc, nor did my computer have any trouble handling the disc's imagery. If further problems surface, there'll be an unpleasant trip to Best Buy to rectify the situation.

I heart chicken wings, especially those delivered to me by Wing-Itz. That said, it did surprise me to learn that "mild" is apparently synonymous with "unflavored." The wings were still delicious. I'm also a fan of the two courtesy moist towelettes.

$2.58/gallon refueling the Minivan o' War yesterday in Newington. Most choice.

The Mets' lead in the National League East has been whittled to a paltry two games, courtesy of a four game sweep by the Phillies. It's most distressing that we've dropped five games in as many days to the Phils - especially as September approaches. Elsewhere in the sporting realm, the "college" football season is about to kick off. Say what you will about the long-standing perversion of the term "student-athlete" - the electric atmosphere in those stadia is wonderful.

Likely to be a very quiet weekend following tomorrow's duty; I might go off on a rant or two here. Possible topics include the 2008 presidential race, the impending hockey season, and the devil's handiwork du jour (also known as World of Warcraft).

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