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Back at it once again...

Four fairly humdrum days were followed by two fairly interesting ones - although not interesting in a way I liked.

I didn't do anything of note on Friday or Monday (duty days), nor on Saturday or Sunday (just chilled out at home). Saturday, of course, delivered Appalachian State's massive upset of Michigan in Ann Arbor. One of the first things I thought of after the score was final was that the Wolverines weren't going to get much sympathy from any corner - except, perhaps, the Z-Ratings. Since Michigan's loss was to a I-AA (ahem, "Football Championship Subdivision") team, the result will have no bearing on their standing in my ratings set when it's published (likely to be in mid-October, after a good number of games have been played). Late Saturday night, I was fortunate to catch the last three outs of Clay Buchholz's no-hitter on NESN. Clay may have some filthy stuff on the mound (that was a wicked pitch to end the game), but he definitely needs to work on his post-game skills; he was in full deer-in-the-headlights mode immediately after the last pitch and during the NESN interview.

Tuesday night I decided to head out to Durham to check out the scene at UNH. Just prior to leaving my apartment, I had some McDonald's for dinner. This was an exceptionally bad decision, as the food was doing a number on my insides when I reached Durham. On top of this, I couldn't find parking, and when I did finally set the car down, it was in a location of questionable legality. I decided to continue the search, but the Minivan o' War got uppity with me - the "disarmed" alarm was in just the right way so that the van wouldn't start. I tried to play with the wiring, but I eventually reached a point where the call of my rectum could no longer be ignored. I tried a convenience store - no luck. I ducked into a pizza place, performed the overboard discharge, and returned to my car. Eventually I got it running, and I decided that the convergence of less-than-favorable outcomes was a sign that I should get the hell back to Portsmouth, with a stop off at Market Basket to pick up some criminally inexpensive Boston Lager.

The car started for me this morning, and I had no problems on the way into work. Of course, that gave no guarantees it would fire up for the escape from Kittery - er, the drive home. It took me nearly three-fourths of an hour, but I finally got the wires aligned correctly, including the use of a pair of tweezers to strip the wires. Having passed Basic Hotwiring, I decided, upon arriving home, to embark on the advanced course. I bought some electrical tape, which, combined with my roommate's wire stripping tool, exposed enough copper to bypass what I believe is the faulty component in the alarm circuit (the switch mounted underneath the dashboard).

Tonight's big accomplishment was the procurement of a gift certificate for my parents, who celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their wedding next Monday. I'm glad I remembered to get them something for this one, as I completely punted on their 25th back in 2002.

Normally, I count the Atlanta Braves in the "enemies" camp. But they've been great to us Mets fans in the past week; our sweep at Turner Field, combined with their taking two of three from the Phillies, has staked us back to a five game lead in the East, with 23 games left for both teams. I'm feeling a lot more confident tonight about the Amazins' chances of repeating as division champions.

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