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oh, snap!

twelve fluid ounces promises full coherency tonight; I'm not drinking, as I'll be discharging weaponry (read: shooting guns) tomorrow. It's not something I look forward to at all, but it's a necessary part of being in the Seagoing Military Force.

Losing to the Cowboys + injuries to three starters = big trouble for the New York Giants. Eli Manning might be out a month with the injury to his throwing shoulder; even though three of Big Blue's next four games are at home, getting out of September with a respectable record looks to be a tall order at this point.

Yesterday I said I'd be getting back into Chelsea Lately...and boy, did I pick a great time to do so, with Britney's meltdown at the VMA's last night. I haven't seen the video, but it stands to reason that Ms. Spears has once again overtaken Ms. Lohan for the title of biggest "hot mess." Chelsea must have been giddy coming into work today; she and her panel are going to have a field day with this.

This afternoon I decided to spin the pedals (the stationary kind; my road bike is back at my ancestral home), doing so at the most convenient location for me - the fitness room in my apartment complex. I didn't get nearly as much of a workout as I'd hoped, but at least it was something. As with pretty much everything else Beechstone offers, most of the machines were antiquated and dilapidated. There are a few of my Submersible Death Trap brethren who are salivating at the thought of a possible CDRB (Campaign to Destroy the Reputation of Beechstone); I likely won't take part, as it simply isn't my style.

Tomorrow: the return of the influence of the Elixir of Joy, and tfo makes an endorsement for 2008. If you know me, the candidate I'm getting behind should be no surprise whatsoever.

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