Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Stupidity on Seavey Island II

On Monday, I said that this was looking like an unpleasant week at work...and I turned out to be right. Another division on the boat strayed from the standard concerning use of approved procedures for work. Following a meeting of the minds yesterday, the word came down - a work stoppage was imposed on ship's force, for the entire boat. This means that the shipyard can continue its repair and test program, but anything we wish to do is on hold until we remedy this deficiency in the standard Navy way - formal training, and lots of it.

But it was something that went down this afternoon that really stirred up hate amongst the nukes of the Submersible Death Trap. Our department head ordered that all furniture taller than waist level be placed against a wall or removed from our working barge. Originally, this tasking was to be completed by the close of business on Monday. However, at some point, he was unhappy with the pace at which the work was progressing, so he ordered it done by the end of today. This required us to call people back into work, a few hours after they'd been let go to enjoy whatever part of the weekend Memphis has given them. I wasn not happy about the tasking or the recall of personnel, because there really seemed to be no purpose behind it other than inconveniencing people. The stated purpose was that this was a symbolic move, to show that we're all one department. I suspect the real motive was to allow supervisors to more easily determine who is actually around at any given time. Even without the rearrangement of furniture, this would take about fifteen seconds - but apparently, that wasn't good enough. So we performed the exercise in futility, and as is the custom in the Seagoing Military Force, many must pay for the shortcomings of a few.

Twenty days until leave. Six hundred six days until freedom.

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