Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

forty four hours isn't nearly long enough...

As is the usual case when I have two consecutive days away from the Submersible Death Trap, I'm in full rest and recovery mode. I worked on cleaning the apartment yesterday, as task I continue upon this afternoon in conjunction with the watching of football. The Giants game isn't on until 4:15 this afternoon; it will be on TV here, so I'll have the chance to see firsthand just what little Big Blue is throwing out on the field this year.

Last night my friend Corey and I went out to the third floor at the Portsmouth Gas Light. Unknown to me prior to us leaving was the fact that Corey can dance well, and this attracted him some attention last night. We did have a good time, and met some people, but suffice to say that their goals and ours didn't match up.

The creators of IvyGate have penned a column in today's Washington Post* about how sex on American college campuses is not as pervasive as many, including the mainstream media, make it out to be. This was certainly the case when I was within the confines of the Ivy League. I particularly enjoy the reference to "Superbad" as a documentary.

It appears that the fallout from the missteps I described here on Friday will be at least two full days of training. As one of my SDT colleagues put it, "If you'd normally use a 9 mil to kill something, Memphis would use an RPG. Possibly an airstrike."

* Accessing this column requires a free registration.

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