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Some things decided, others not...

One thing that is decided is that I'm dropping to 15 credits. Considering that the level of the work is going up, and the job, and extracurricular commitments, I now have compelling reasons to make the drop in course load. I think it will be better for me. I haven't told my parents this yet, and I'm not sure how they'll react. My mom went ballistic when she found that I only had four courses in my first semester. But I didn't have the other things going on in my life that I have now.

This first week+ of classes has been okay. I've gone to every class, which is a vast improvement from last semester. But I'm still falling asleep. I'll try to do something about that. Yeah. I also have to start doing the readings for my classes. Neglecting these has been a bad habit that I've developed over the course of my Cornell career.

Saw a great soccer match tonight. Cornell beat Colgate 1-0, though Colgate had the clear majority of possession. They defended extremely well though. The Big Red had a few other good scoring chances, but only got the one goal early in the second half. I seriously doubt whether this level of play can sustain them through the entire season. But it was good enough for the win tonight. Volleyball got mauled out at Kent State. Only won one match of four, and that one required the maximum five games. I'm not really sure what this means for the rest of their campaign. On the whole, I'm quite happy that Cornell sports have started up again.

I still haven't resolved the VBR question. And even worse, my feelings on the matter swing every time I attend a band rehearsal or a "Sports Roundup" airing. Jumping the VBR ship at this point is not an option - I'd be raked over the coals. How can the sports training director leave just as training is about to begin? It would make me look really, really bad. I think with the reduced course load, I can make this work, however. One thing, of course, is shifting. That remains a problem. I don't want the mornings and all the afternoons are taken. I could, of course, open up Friday afternoons to do a shift. But that would, mean I would only be at one band rehearsal per week (Tuesday night). It would represent a major departure from my original way of thinking (band before VBR). But it remains a slight possibility. I'm not sure what would happen to my band commitment were I to do this. I have to ask myself whether this is such a bad thing. If sports media is what I want to do, wouldn't it be prudent to ramp up my involvement in VBR?

If anyone has advice on how I should resolve my dilemma, I'm all ears...

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