Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

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Not quite there yet...

...this entry comes to you LIVE from the Super 8 in Oneonta, New York, eighty-five miles east of Ithaca. Upon arriving to work today, I discovered that I wouldn't be getting released until about two hours later than I had desired. I wasn't particularly mad about this, since it ended up screwing everybody the least. But at twenty after five, the blessed moment finally came, and sixteen minutes after that, I was off. It rained pretty much the entire trip. It poured throughout most of western Massachusetts and the New York Capital Region. I managed to scarf down a large order of McDonald's fries in five minutes - one-handed, doing seventy-five miles an hour on the Mass Pike. The Minivan o' War kicked ass once again, as I'm sure it will tomorrow for the completion of this odyssey.

It seems that Jacob is already in Ithaca - and that he arrived there in style. I'm going to call him a bit later tonight.

Early departure from here tomorrow, for a mid to late morning arrival at Cornell. HOOYA LEAVE!

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