Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

the retooled TPIR, the MLB playoffs, and the "detox days"

I'm just a couple of hours from getting into my car and beginning my third long road trip in a week. I'm leaving before noon because today, I return to the vicinity of the Submersible Death Trap, and sitting in any appreciable amount of traffic will raise the overall suck factor.

I watched the first two episodes of the new season of The Price Is Right, which has gone through some notable changes while still retaining most of what has made the show great for so long. The most visible of these is the change of host, and it seems that CBS made a great choice by tapping Drew Carey as Bob Barker's successor. Carey has a presence about him that seems suited for this show, just the right ringmaster for the circus he calls "the happiest place in the world." He's already demonstrated an ability to adroitly handle an abnormal situation; on Tuesday, he had a contestant who just had to "go potty," but Drew got her all the way through Plinko. As for the other tweaks, none of them really detract from the atmosphere. The music has been updated, the set was completely redone to give it a more "retro" look, the host now uses a wireless microphone, but it really is still the same old Price is Right.

I love what the Rockies have done over the last month, coming from 4½ games back in the wild card to take a playoff spot and plow through the Phillies and the Diamondbacks to reach the World Series. But everybody seems to be concerned about how this long layoff will affect them...and so am I. The Tigers didn't fare so well coming off a six-day break last year. I think Colorado has a better shot if the ALCS goes longer; if Cleveland can close out the Red Sox tonight, they'll be able to reset their rotation and pitch their big two (Sabathia and Carmona) at least four, and maybe five times against the Rockies.

These last few days on Long Island have been blissfully uneventful. I've used the time to recover not only from last weekend in Ithaca, but also from the last three and a half months. I saw my brother on Tuesday night and Ryan on Wednesday night; both said their lives could be going better, but they were both satisfied with the present. Of course, the grind starts all over again for me tomorrow morning. At least this time, I'll be able to ease into it; I don't have duty until Sunday.

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