Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Weather reports are great...

...and they're even better if you actually use them. I committed this error on Friday night, by showering and dressing in anticipation of a trip to Durham - after all, I had Saturday completely off, so I could stay out as late as I wanted. The steady but moderate rain that fell as I left Portsmouth had morphed into a full-on downpour upon my arrival in Wildcat country. Commensurate with the prevailing weather conditions, the atmosphere on Main Street was deader than all four of my grandparents combined. Thus I elected to turn around and head home.

The previous night's trip to the same general area was much more successful; I watched most of game five of the ALCS at Scorpions Bar and Grill, and by 11:00 or so the place was pretty much packed with a very representative sample of UNH's student body. This was also the first time I've seen two female alcohol teams in the same establishment simultaneously - both the Miller Lite girls and the Jagermeister girls were at Scorps. I'm expecting to make another trip there this Thursday night, since I will definitely not be watching the second game of the World Series live at Fenway. Checking ticket prices today at StubHub yielded a minimum asking price of eight hundred forty five American dollars - for a single seat.

The title of the submarine related blog The Stupid Shall Be Punished rings very true this evening, as more and more details emerge about some serious shenanigans onboard USS Hampton (SSN 767). Even CNN has picked this story up, so it won't be going away anytime soon. I have no sympathy for anybody on that boat; not only are they reaping the seeds they've sown, they're also providing justification for every CO and Engineer to ratchet up the anal-retentiveness throughout the nuclear Navy - which has a direct and adverse effect on my quality of life on the Submersible Death Trap.

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