Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

I don't understand...

...the fact that I've been back in New Hampshire for eight days now, but I've yet to regain full bitterness. Maybe the leave period had more of a rejuvenating effect than I thought.

In a comment to my last post, I explained the guts of how the Navy calculates Selective Reenlistment Bonuses (SRBs). In both the post and the comment, I mentioned the "multiple," and how it serves as a rough indicator of how badly the Navy needs to retain people in any particular specialty. The higher the multiple, the more desperate the Navy is to cling to the souls of those particular personnel. Last night, I went through and looked at all the SRB messages the Navy has issued since 2000 (available from the Navy Personnel Command website), and plotted the progression of multiples for first-term (zone A) submarine nukes in our four specialties:

Which one of those lines represents my rating? You guessed it - the red line.

Though it doesn't rise to the level of a full entry, there was another instance of "Stupidity on Seavey Island" yesterday. A couple of months ago, I mentioned that we hang red tags on things to prevent them from being operated, and thus protect personnel and equipment from potential hazards. Yesterday, one shipyard worker had some trouble seeing his work area, and took it upon himself to remove a length of pipe with two such red tags on it. He then handed the pipe to one of our supervisors as though nothing was wrong. Understandably, our guy was not amused. The net result of this action was that the crew had to verify intact every tag on the entire ship - though no member of ship's force was responsible for the offense. Auditing tags is not an uncommon event; it's normally done weekly. But springing another audit in the middle of the week was not well received.

I elected not to go out anywhere last night, as it has occurred to me that sleep deprivation was a prominent factor in my less-than-stellar mood prior to going on leave. Not only am I required to go short on sleep on my duty days, I had been staying up later than I should on several other nights as well. Thus I'm beginning an initiative to get seven hours of rest on all non-duty nights. This has the extremely adverse effect of severely curtailing my ability to go out, as it means I'm in bed no later than 10:30 pm every Sunday through Thursday night, and by midnight prior to weekend duty. The only nights left for full merriment and release are the two "fully free" nights every three weeks - and if Mother Nature strikes as she did last Friday night, it's not a pleasant scene.

I just saw this story about a trademark dispute involving the makers of my favorite variety of the Elixir of Joy. As much as I'm a fan of the Boston Beer Company and their brews, is it really that much to ask to let a guy use his own name as he's running for office?

It looks as though I was really wrong - and Las Vegas was really right - about the Rockies benefiting from the ALCS going the distance; Boston has looked impressive in the first two games. Originally, I thought the Red Sox would close out the championship in six games, but it now looks as though that might be a bit generous to Colorado. The Giants, winners of five straight, seem very likely to continue their streak across the pond; they play winless Miami in London's Wembley Stadium in their last game prior to the bye week. And the Islanders have had an unusual week-long layoff, but they're finally back on the ice tomorrow against Carolina. Perhaps most importantly of all, the Cornell hockey season starts tomorrow night; they have a single game against RIT before starting their ECAC schedule next weekend. Speaking of next weekend, I'm thinking of traveling down to Foxboro to see the MLS playoff game between the Revolution and the Red Bulls; not only have I never seen an MLS game before, I'd like to check out Gillette Stadium.

Tomorrow looks very bad in terms of weather. When I woke up this morning, I was bewildered that a coastal flood warning had been posted - but now that I've seen the forecast and the radar pictures, I know why.

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